5-1-5 Clinic Dates!

Hi everyone! I have three 5-1-5 clinics coming up. The first is on June 13 (one appointment left at 11 AM). The second is July 17 (current available appointments are 11:30 and 2:30). The third clinic is scheduled for a Saturday on July 27 (all appointments are booked except for 2:30 and 4 PM).
Send me a message if you would like one of the appointments: kim@kimnedeau.com.
What is a 5-1-5? I am monitoring muscle oxygen saturation and total hemoglobin during light running loads, rest, and heavy running loads. The results tell me what is limiting run performance. Can your oxygen supply keep up with your demand? Does one leg cause you to fail first (yes, I can see that!)? Do you hyperventilate when intensity increases? Weak ventilatory exchange? A good supply of oxygen but poor utilization? After the assessment, I send a summary email with recommendations to incorporate into your training that will improve your limiter. I can also determine whether you are a runner who can easily maintain high saturation after a warm up or if you are an athlete who needs to stay moving right up until the start of the race. Starting an event highly saturated can be the difference between a mediocre and excellent performance. Total appointment time: approximately 80 minutes. Total run time: 45-55 minutes starting at light loads and ending at failure. There is a one minute rest for every five minutes of running.

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